Wednesday, October 27, 2010

~ Aerotrain Diberhentikan Sementara ~

* Saya melihat MHI pada hari ini, kerisauan mula menjelma namun setelah mendengar penjelasan dr Datuk Azmi, alhamdulillah. Skrgnya ada disediakan perkhidmatan lain drpd x da kan..:-) *

KUALA LUMPUR – In line with its effort to further enhance its facilities at KL International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia Airports will temporarily closed the Aerotrain service at the airport for upgrading purposes.

The closure will be from 1 November 2010 until 15 March 2011, involving the Aerotrain service which ferries mainly international passengers from Contact Pier to Satellite Building vice versa.

Effective 1 November, the Aerotrain services will be replaced by shuttle buses that will be mobilised around the clock to transfer passengers to and from the Contact Pier and Satellite buildings.

Datuk Azmi Murad, Senior General Manager Operations Services of Malaysia Airports said: “Malaysia Airports would like to ensure all passengers that they will not experience any major hassle as we have a proper plan to counter any probable difficulties during the 5 month period. We will ensure the needs of all types of passengers are taken care of at all times.”

To create awareness to passengers, Malaysia Airports has taken some proactive measures to prepare information flyers and sign boards to be placed throughout the airport. The airport has been designed to use shuttle buses, as there are specific bus pick-up and drop-off locations at the main terminal and the satellite buildings. However the shuttle routing is being rigorously tested to minimise the inconvenience especially during peak hours. We will also be deploying passenger service assistants to guide passengers during this period.

Datuk Azmi also said: “Malaysia Airports has held meetings with airlines, retailers and other agencies operating at KLIA to inform and address all concerns that could possibly arise from using the shuttle buses. We have received constructive feedbacks that will be looked into as we prepare for the suspension of the Aerotrain service. The support and cooperation from our partners are imperative to ensure that we continue to meet our customers’ expectation and maintain the high service levels at KLIA.”

“We would like to advise passengers to observe proper time management to avoid any delays in boarding their flights,” he added.

Based on the simulation exercise that has been performed on the shuttle buses, the cycle time for a one-way trip from the Contact Pier to the Satellite building vice versa, is estimated to take 10 minutes in comparison to the Aerotrain that takes about 4 minutes.

The closure is necessary to facilitate the KLIA Spurline expansion project, which involves modifications to the existing Aerotrain vehicle fleet, and the commissioning of one additional 3-vehicle Aerotrain. It will also enable the construction of a cross-over switch between the two existing guideways. The Spurline is a branch line from the existing guideway, connecting to the new Operation, Maintenance and Storage Facility (OMSF) building.

The new OMSF will facilitate the maintenance of the Aerotrain vehicles, and accommodate rehabilitation and overhaul works without any disruption to operations once completed. It will also address future needs of the ultimate train system, connecting Satellite A terminal to future Satellite B terminal.

Passengers are expected to experience a smooth and punctual ride en route both terminals, upon the completion of the Spurline project. KLIA will have a dedicated off-line Aerotrain maintenance and storage facility, enabling the maintenance of either Aerotrain to be performed without any interruption to the service. Currently the maintenance is undertaken at Satellite A terminal station, disabling the full operation of the Aerotrains during maintenance works.

More information will be made available if needed, during the closure period so that passengers can plan their journey better. Malaysia Airports remains committed to continuously deliver the best services and facilities to all its customers.

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